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Candles. Real candles

A Christmas tree, for me, has to be with real candles. The flame, the warmth, the movements are part of what is Christmas to me.

Since I can think, there had been real candles on the Christmas tree. They are so much part of the whole picture, that I just can’t imagine anything else. The warmth and the smell of bees wax is just the best.

Now how to fix the candles: in very old times, candles were just fixed with a wire to the twigs, not the badest idea, I think, and worth a try, but there is a better solution: the formidable Christbaumkerzenhalter. Yes, we Germans are famous for our long long words. The Christmas tree candle clips.

They are fascinating in many aspects: their clip parts which looks like a cone, their little tray which looks like a sun, the middle part, which looks like a crown, somebody with a lovely heart designed them many many years ago! There are more modern versions, but my heart is with these ones.

Fascinating also their technique! The middle crown part can be adjusted to the candle just by squeezing the little parts. And, most fascinating: the head part can be moved into all directions and allows to straighten the position of the candle. Fantastic!

I kept them as my little treasures until now. But I also got asked so many times about them, that I decided to share them with you:

Find them in my store in English

or at the Hana Ami store page in Japanese.


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