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who I am

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Gabriele Kubo



1987 successfully finishing the Staatliche Fachschule für Blumenkunst Weihenstephan

1993  joining HANA AMI

coordinating the demonstrations and workshops of Gerhard Neidiger, Gregor Lersch, Detlef Klatt, Ursula Wegener, Annette Kamping and other European flower design teachers in Japan. Publishing books and magazine contributions. Guiding tours to Europe and teaching creative lessons in Japan.

1997 serving as a commentator on the main stage of IPM (International Plants Messe) in Essen, Germany

2001  creating the "Hana Ami BLUMENSCHULE" teaching concept together with Kazumasa Kubo

2003 writing the book “Hana Iro” “About the colors of Flowers”, Rikuyosha Publishing, Tokyo

2007 demonstration at Huis ten Bosch Bridal Bouquet Competition, Kyushu

2007/2008 producing the HANA AMI  booth at the Essen IPM in Germany

2009  exhibition at the "Ehrisman House"  for the Yokohama Yamate "Harmony of flowers and bowls" event

2010 leading the "Moss Tour" to Sweden

2011 launching the book "Systematic design with the Colors of Blossoms" in 3 languages

2013  being a judge of the floral contest "International Floral Art", of Stichting Publishing, Belgie.

2014  launching of  GREENGABES, distributing Japanese design materials online

2015  exhibition at the "British House" for the Yokohama Yamate "Harmony of flowers and bowls"  event

demonstration about colors for NIFA, Taiwan

2016 coordinating the Hana Ami Blumenschule exhibition in Yokohama

2017  "Artist in Nature" at Urnatur, Sweden

coordinating the second Hana Ami Blumenschule exhibition in Yokohama

 teaching and demonstrating for NIFA, Taiwan

 teaching for the Nihon Flower Design College in Tokyo, Takadanobaba

2018  working as an agent for Pernille Folcarelli, Denmark

coordinating the 3rd Hana Ami Blumenschule exhibition in Yokohama

teaching and demonstrating for FlowerTime, Taiwan

2019 teaching the FLORAL COLORS series for Leo Chung and his students in Ghuanzhou, China

2020 teaching the FLORAL COLORS courses for BotanirusLab and Chimin Tsao in Taipei, Taiwan

teaching the FLORAL COLORS online

developing new tools for refillable designs

2021 expanding the online teachings

2022 starting the FLORAL COLORS in Japan

         starting the FOREST FLOWERS in Nojiri


Floristmeister Weihenstephan

Manager and Meister Instructor of the HANA AMI Blumenschule

Honor member of the Hana Ami Instructors' Society HAIS

Presenting Japanese materials at GREENGABES

I am coordinating the lessons of Gregor Lersch in Japan, while holding my own seminars and demonstrations in Japan, Taiwan and China. Creating and leading tours to Europe, as much as the Yen allows it.
I am teaching the Gartenkünstler AG at the German School, Tokyo/Yokohama.

Since 2020, HANA AMI is owned only by Kazumasa Kubo.

I am continuing to be in charge of the Hana Ami BLUMENSCHULE concept, taking care of the system and the teacher's welfare.

All fine.

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