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  • Personal lessons are ONE-to-ONE lessons. It's only you and me!

    15,000 Japanese yen
  • 1 hour for free!

  • An online lesson with real flowers!

    10,000 Japanese yen


I am offering one-to-one online personal lessons via ZOOM.

The private setting allows an individual teaching style, so it does not matter if you are new to the field or a highly advanced teacher, I will adjust my contents to your level.

The private setting also allows me to adjust to your lifestyle. Busy show owners can take phone calls while studying with me, young mothers can bring that much needed snack to their kids while learning. My life is a lot about enabling and connecting.


While the lessons, I will demonstrate real floral workpieces for you, will show and explain the concept and technical details and will answer all your questions, trying to achieve the same service and satisfaction of a real in person lesson. 

I will send you a set of photos of the workpieces after the lesson.

Choose your day and let me know what you want to study.

Lesson language:  Japanese, English or German. 




21 steps in 3 chapters

In this setting, I will hold a 2 hours lecture, sending lesson content as pdfs ahead.

1 hour is then added for your assignment. You will demonstrate and explain a workpiece made by yourself according to what you learned in the lesson before. Very much like in a realtime lesson!
Total a lesson of 3 hours.

We start with Nbr.1 and continue up. When ordering the FLORAL COLORS lessons, please add your next lesson number in the comment zone. After every 7 items there will be a test and a diploma issued. The course ends with a teaching certificate.



If you are particularly interested in the REFILL DESIGNS or in the POWDERED DRY FLOWER DRAWINGS, just let me know!
It's my pleasure to give you a deeper insight into my ideas and techniques.
The Design lessons have no special setting, they are just 2~3 hours of intensive lecturing and learning. No assignments, tests or diplomas.




If you book for the first time, please book a "MEETING TIME" for a short technical trial to be sure we can see and hear each other and to know a bit more of each other ahead.

"MEETING TIME" is free of charge and also useful  for talking about special requests like group classes or live demonstrations.

1 item lesson

1 item lessons are online with real flowers on your side and with several participants.
Touching flowers and meeting people while studying!

Flowers and materials will be sent to you before the lesson.

Time: Saturdays, 10:00 ~ 13:00

A very convenient lesson, which is offered only in Japan.

Lesson language:  Japanese, English or German. 

Right now, these lessons are announced in small circles, but I will do my best to set up a broader information system.

It all takes time, you know..........

"Gut Ding will Weile haben"


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