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Colors are a longtime theme for me. Actually, it might had been colors which started my way into floristry.

My first teacher, Anna Lindner, always dressed in the most stunning colors, tied bouquets in color combinations I had never seen before, considering the country girl I was and still am.

She taught me and praised me and laid the foundation.


The FLORAL COLORS developed out of my 2 books, one written in 2001, the next in 2011, every 10 years it seems, I am writing about the theme close to my heart.

Now it's time in 2022, again 10 years later. But not a book. A course system got developed this time.
21 courses, divided in Chapter A, B and C, each 7 courses.

Floral Colors mittig.jpg


As always in life, everything is connected to relationships. Rikuyosha Publishing asked me to write my first book, the second one was initiated by Gregor Lersch and Jürgen Potthoff.

The 3rd round now, the courses, came to live in Taiwan!

See, in Japan we say "okagesama" "it all happened thanks to you".

In Taiwan, the FLORAL COLORS courses are taught as active lively workshops:

Get taught by me

The FLORAL COLORS  courses can be taken as ONLINE lessons or as IN PERSON lessons.

ONLINE connects via Zoom, IN PERSON takes place in Chigasaki.

I will lead you through the 21 courses, they come with plenty of study materials as pdfs and of course with flowers.
Tests occur after every 7th step, you receive diplomas and a teaching license in the end.


There is also a book, right now available in English and Chinese. It does not contain the 21 lessons.

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