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Living in Japan as a German flower designer, makes a difference in perception:
through my different cultural background, I can see materials, which are "normal" for Japanese eyes , as something precious and special. 

As we invited many flower designers to Japan over the years, Ursula Wegener, Annette Kamping, Detlef Klatt, and especially Gregor Lersch, I was often in charge to pack them a bundle of Japanese materials on their way back: bamboo sheaths, Washi papers, Kyogi, the wooden papers, even the very thin Japanese paper wires.
Only through them, I decided one day, to offer these goods to the world. GREENGABES was born.

You might wonder about the name: of course, it resembles Green Gables. The wonderful story of a wild girl living in the country side. Not, that I am that wild, nor do I live in a real countryside yet, but I love the idea nevertheless. Running through green meadows!

The name got simply composed out of 2 elements: GREEN as for our profession, and GABS, that's how some English friends call me, love the attitude of it, "shitashiku", I would say, and so the name flowed easily together. My beautiful friend Angela did create it!