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on FB, I discovered this amazing leaf.

It is created by Susanna Bauer, a young German landscape architect and artist, living in England.

I could not hold myself back to link one to my screen, as if I wanted to collect it, as if I need to see it every day. So soothing! So peaceful! Me as a crocheter myself, when I was younger ( or had more time, haha!), I am in awe of her technique. As a florist, I am amazed by the courage it takes to invest one's time and love into something which can easily break and will wither away with the time.

I couldn't hold myself back to contact her.

And you won't believe this: Susanna studied in Weihenstephan! Same university town, where I went to study at the Master School. We walked through the same gardens!

I am hoping now to one day be able to meet her, one day even may be able to show her works to Japan.

Until then, I will just continue to admire her works on her photographies.


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