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2017 saw me working on a project in Sweden.

In the depth of the Swedish forest, right in the middle between Gothenburg and Stockholm, there's where you find URNATUR.

A place, where forests are kept in natural conditions, a place where people reconnect with nature, the place of Hakan Strotz and Ulrika and their beautiful family. The days there, working as their "Artist in Nature 2017", were full of air, full of reflections, full of body work, full of moss and trees and twigs and earth. I seldomly felt that well in my life.

My "Natural Table", the "Growing Table" develloped out of the ground, through my hands, into a place, where people can gather, sit around a table, which is growing by itself. On the same level with plants. On an eye-to-eye-level. Being able to sit and relax in nature and study and see the plants and mosses like reading in a book. The table is filled with earth and connected to the ground, so flowers will grow through it and into it, the picture will change with the seasons. And as I am a florist, guests can add cut flowers to create their own, just "right now" floral picture at the place we named KOMOREBI.

Which means "the light which falls through the leaves of a tree". And all the beauty it creates.

Read more in my portfolio selection.


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