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TAUPE Tajine


The gray blue tone, which was in fashion and still is, in combination with the newcomer SAND, the light brown.

We welcomed Gregor Lersch in Japan. (and that's why I had been so quiet here. I had to fully focus onto that fact)

A great floral master, who travels the world like nobody else, gave us the honor to work with us. To organize for him is a challenge, but it is also very rewarding. To watch him drill together huge pieces of art in such short times is as interesting as to see his color combinations.

The word TAUPE fell often, no wonder, it is the tone, which resides in the neutral range, the bluish gray, which contrasts the colors so very well. As most flower colors are warm colors, the cold part of TAUPE lets them shine and makes them a bit sharper.

Now, the SAND. The new light brown, the rabbit brown, the dry leaves tone, which mildens the flower colors, which adds the naturality to a color combination. SAND is my favorite tone since many years, and I am glad to see it finally accepted, to see dry grasses, dry Raphia used with fresh flowers, to see it as a tone in flowers ( the Eustoma, the Zinnia), which adds the gentle touch I personally love the most.

Thanks to Gregor Lersch for joining me! The world felt not lonely those days!

The amazing colors Tajine style vase was provided by Flore21, wholesales at the Ota market in Tokyo.

and this is Gregor Lersch, yes.


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