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in Hokkaido, this means LAVENDER

As we read "eat local food", "support local growers", I simply thought: "then also lets create local bridal bouquets"! Invited by the Hokkaido chapter of the NFD, Nippon Flower Designers Association, who chose the theme "Natural Wedding Designs", on my top list was a LAVENDER BOUQUET. Hokkaido will start into the season right now, with gorgeous blue Lavender fields everywhere.

For my bouquet, I chose intensive dark blue lavender, tied upon 2 rings to build a stable base. Adding very light and long blue Ixia, very light and long Cyanella, and very light and long Scabiosa flowers.

Seems "long & light" is my theme these days! I just love how the flowers sway around the figure, swinging and moving gently, while the bride moves into her new life.

Of course, all my bouquets for Hokkaido were made with natural stems. Finally Japan started to accept the concept and I am looking forward to teach this wonderful technique more and more.

My next bridal bouquet lessons are:

My lessons can be booked on this page or in Japanese at Hana Ami: GABRIELE KUBO LESSONS


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