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Not that I can read Swedish

but "i den Svenske Skov" means "in the Swedish woods"

to be correct, the title is: "Japan in the Svenske skov", and it is from a blog, I found today purely by chance! Written by Juila, the blog calls itself

Seems, she visited Urnatur last year and took the chance to dine at the KOMOREBI table! So happy to see her pictures! Read more on Juila's blog. Scroll way way down please.


nice! "blomsterkunstner", what a nice sound! And "Gabriella" is the version of my name which I love best!

“I mellem alle hytterne fandt vi den tyske blomsterkunstner Gabriella Kubo’s smukke spisebord “Komorebi” og besluttede os for at spise vores frokost her. Inspireret af Japan sidder man i gulvhøjde – det vil sige i skovbundshøjde, i niveau med naturen, ved et, så og sige, levende bord, hvor mos og planter gror. Alle de små overraskelser som road trippen bød på… manner jeg er taknemmlig!”

— Juila

"In between all the cabins we found the German flower artist Gabriella Kubo’s beautiful dining table “Komorebi” and decided to have our lunch there. Inspired by Japan, you are sitting at floor level dining – or forest level that is, close to nature, at a living table where moss and plants grow. Thinking about all the beautiful surprises that the road trip offered … making me feel grateful!"

Anemone are flowering and the lamp on the table! good good good!

Anemone are flowering and the lamp on the table! good good good!

It's a happy day today for me, having met my table in the morning. Now I feel as refreshed as if I had taken a stroll through the fresh mosses..

Want to read how I built it? Here you go:


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