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Gardeners style

Recently in Japan

I can see a style which feels so much botanical.

In the professional flower design world, we hear a lot of concerned words, students numbers, sales numbers declining, and often colleagues are discussing if the world of flowers is dissolving. On the other side, there are more flowers everywhere then ever!

Last week, I visited a movie event of Cinema Amigo in Zushi, right at the beach, with tents and screens and sand and waves, lots of young people. Usually, this means barbecue, beer, cigarettes, girls, and for sure, not a single flower. I mean, it's at the beach, hey!

But, to my astonishment, the event was full of plants and flowers! Half dry flowers and leaves, a lot of eucalypti, herbs, hydrangeas, wrapped easily and arranged loosely by ladies wearing gardener hats! So beautiful!

It's up to us professionals to join the style, I would say. To not just watch the boutiques, the natural bakeries, the botanical stylists. We might have to loosen up our too professional attitude? No, I don't mean to say to do the same, but to do it better or different: the events, the gatherings, the shift of interest: we have to be aware of this actually beautiful movement!

Every swift in society is a chance to develop along!


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