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like a letter

often, to me, colors seem to connect like the grammar of a letter. The side sentence conferring to the subject, the object getting repeated in a synonym, the adjectives making the subjects and objects more distinctive.

“Thinking dots”” …………”, leading like arrows from thought to thought, building gaps to add air.

Some days, just everything seems design to me!

Today, it’s my son’s birthday and I put some flowers on the table. Quite an unusual thing for me. You know, flower designers do not decorate their homes, they put a single stem of a flower in a simple vase, that’s it. But today, I felt like something special was needed. Lilac, peonies, his symbol flowers, young green, and many color connections. Because, yes, there is nothing more important in life than connections. Correspondings, understandings.

See the light yellow in the center of the Dahlia? See the same yellow in the slender Ixia? And in the little purple Iberis? You might need a magnifying lens, but it repeats there! I love these circles of connections.

And, of course, the light red. It is a rare tone, seen in the Dianthus barbatus and in the Dahlia petals, these are the wonderful moments, when a sentence closes well. It is an especially charming red, isn’t it. It is said, that human eyes are searching automatically for repetition, and finding a repeat is satisfying. And reassuring. So, my concept for color combining is mainly to do, what the eyes want to do anyway: repeat, connect.


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