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Copying vs. Inspiring

Do not copy …better QUOTE!

This morning, I read an article written by Kerstin Martin, a German Squarespace designer living and working in America.

Her integrity always impresses me, and I recommend her article to you.

For me, as a designer, I have that problem daily: should I post my ideas, should I not. How to guard them. As they make my living, I feel very much in a bias: without showing what I do, people won’t take my lessons. Or only those, who absolutely believe in me and my quality. In nowadays youtubeworld, there is no other chance than to show what you are doing. And what I teach in my lessons, is then owned by my students, no problem. And of course, each designer is influenced by the design world itself, can’t be denied, it is even beautiful to share one world, to thrive on the same vibes and trends and waves, it is also beautiful to get inspired and to inspire, but copying is something different.


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