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Auburn: the difficult to describe wonderful brown tone

I found the copper net when going through my stockyard. I will not stop repeating how ressourceful a clean up can be, how many treasures are still hidden. Isn’t this a very beautiful tone! I mean, the net!

The arrangement is a nice one, too, I designed this 15 years ago to teach about proportions. In this case the proportion of dry to fresh material. It is still taught at the Hana Ami Blumenschule and never seems to get out of fashion.

But back to my color AUBURN. Rose gold, copper, russet, chestnut, fresh chestnuts are a bit similar, rust, mahagony, there are tones, which are similar, but what I found under AUBURN, comes the closest.

It is a hair color name, which add

s the shine to the color. It has something human, it looks warm and natural, and this tone fits very well to pale tones, nude colors, peach colors. As often people with auburn hair have pale, lucid skin tones.

It will be a challenge to find flowers in this great color, might mostly mean to add it in form of other natural materials. Silk ribbons, paper, cotton, we will see what I will stumble upon.

Color adventures make my days bright!


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