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Since some days I am dipping into blue, an unusual color for me

Going to China should mean Gold and Red and Tellow, and it is apparent in the country, but there is also an unexpected high amount of blue around me these days. Not only that I chose a blue dress to go ( and my daughter calling me a “cabin attendant” since then, haha), no, also the brandnew, huge airport at Ghangzouh is colored in a lot of the main airline China Southern Blue. New color name!

I will hold a 3 days color seminar here and should dedicate one workpiece to that tone!

This is Kitty. She is driving me through the city with the handy in her hand. Chinese ladies are for sure courageous.

And me too, haha!

I am taken good care for. As FB doesn’t work in China, neither WhatsApp nor any other service we are used to, I will connect with my people via my blog which links to FB. More soon! Somehow my mail account doesn’t work well, so to everybody who tries to connect to me: I am good, hope you too, and somewhere the mail will start to work again.


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