the most beautiful key to the world.

Forest Path


Let's go into the woods. Study them, collect materials, and then create bouquets. Let's see what develops out of us being in nature!
Surrounded by horses, we will find a different part in our hearts, I am sure we do.


"Look at the Euonymus"

That is what my teacher always told me when she explained her color combinations.

If you ever felt insecure around color choices, let me guide you through 21 steps into a deep and safe connection with the color world.

Floral Colors main ohne Rand.png

REFiLL tools

You might remember the "Ichirin Project" from 2020. The times asked for fewer flowers and for designs we could do at home.

In this aspects, I started to develop the REFiLL tools.

For a long time, it was a trouble in my heart, how to set the glass tubes free.

How to turn the wonderful floral constructions, which allows flowers to fly high, into something which the customer could use for a long time.

The REFiLL tools are here now:

a wooden holder and a metal holder, both useful in their specific ways.

May they bring CHANGE. May they add to the designing world.





Flowers and Hand


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