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Ichirin series

ICHIRIN means 1 stem of flower.

1 stem of enjoy, 1 stem of light, 1 stem of color, 1 stem of hope, 1 stem of happiness.

There is just nothing in this world which is more calming than a flower.

With the ICHIRIN project comes sustainability, the flowers will be arranged into an organic base of twigs, which you can re-use and re-fill for quite a long time.

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Start with the flowers longer. Then cut them fresh every day, exchanging the water, washing the bunch of twigs. The arrangement will naturally get smaller and smaller. Add your own flowers, enjoy the designing, the "taba" is really comfortable to use.

ichirin care

ichirin care

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"The best and most fulfilling part of flower arranging is that moment:

The moment you add the flower into your base. The moment you arrange it, the moment you take a step back and feel the fulfilment: YES, it is in the right position and it looks just so RIGHT.

The flower & YOU. That is the moment.

You both made it."

I want you to enjoy that precious moment. Every day with another flower. Today with your choice from the flower shop. Next week with a little flower from the garden or the field.

The BUNA Wooden Holders are created together with Maple Atelier, Tokyo. 

Say hi to Kazuhiko Nishiyama, and use the code "Gabriele10" to receive the same special prices as here on my site.

The TETSU Wooden Holders are created together with Nature Designs, Tokyo. 

Let Mr. Ichikawa there know that you came through my site.

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