ONLINE lessons

As the in-person lessons cannot take place right now, I am offering one-to-one online lectures, using ZOOM as technique.

Each lecture is around 3 hours. We will see if we need more time, I will create a big enough time frame.

We will connect before the lessons for a technical trial to be sure we can see and hear each other.

I will prepare a range of designs for you, will show and explain concept and technical details and answer your questions.

For students in Japan, I will send one of the designs to you after the lesson.

For students from outside of Japan, I will send you a set of photos of the workpieces after the lesson.

I will try to achieve the same service and satisfaction of a real in person lesson. Hope it works.

Course language:  Japanese, English and German. I will adjust to your language.

I am offering only man to man, 1 to 1 lessons right now.

As these types of lessons are new to me, I can only suggest:
Let’s try!

Grab your personal ticket!

Floral Colors 5
Wed, Aug 05
Aug 05, 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Learning about the hues, values and the chroma with the Swedish Kolormondo system.
Floral Colors 3 online
Mon, Jul 13
Jul 13, 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Proportions. Temperatures. Textures. Let's study their influence on colors. We will also see how we can repeat these fine tuned nuances in our designs.

How the online lessons feel

A little impression from my side


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