Kyogi A

Kyogi A

from 550.00

Kyogi A are from northern Japan. They are sturdy in their habit, not transparent and dense, easy to cut and to form into creative shapes.

The size of one sheet is: 48cm length, 15cm width.

Kyogi A are sold in bunches and as loose sheets.
Smallest unit is 10 sheets = ¥550
Prices vary with quantity.


Kyogi, these are 100% natural, unbleached, thinly shaved sheets of "akamatsu", "red pine", botanically Pinus densiflora, original products from Japan, traditionally used for food wrapping. Seen by European eyes, it has a Scandinavian touch with its light wooden color and mat surface.

Kyogi can be rolled, twisted, cut, torn, stenciled, painted on, tinted, dyed, glued and stapled into many shapes. It allows your creativity to run wild!  Kyogi is a natural material which changes with the seasons. Not any bunch is the same, but actually, this is what makes Kyogi so beautiful: the variations of shades and tones.

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