Green Senses is offering preserved flower pictures to the Japanese market. They approached me with the wish for original designs. I created the series "GARTEN" for and with them, and am happy to see them now in gift catalogues and department stores. Next step was the "MÄRCHEN" series, flower pictures inspired by European fairy tales.
So interesting! With a request, it is easy to get your phantasy working, right?

GARTEN series


MÄRCHEN series

"Nemurihime" is "Sleeping Beauty" or "Dornröschen.

"Shirayukihime" is "Snow White" or "Schneewittchen".

"Akazukin" is "Red Riding Hood" or "Rotkäppchen".

"Mamenoki" is "Jack and the beanstalk" or "Hans und die Bohnenranke".



The "MÄRCHEN" series is coming in a gorgeous packing.

Green Senses does so well in designing boxes to transport the preserved flower pictures safe and sound. 
With the "MÄRCHEN" pictures, they really outplayed themselves: the boxes look like right out of an antique bookshop!
As my daughter says: 
"Feels like living in Hogwarths' library!"

The Preserved flowers Pictures will be available in my shop here soon.



Please also visit the Green Senses homepage and their Facebook page:


I personally do love their CRACK series and the little sticky dots with dry flowers!
They are called "Moshimo Happa"! ( "in case there are leaves"! ). You can put them everywhere! So cute!