Nothing can be done all alone


Mostly all of our developments, as a person, as artists, are created through encounters.
Whom we meet, does shape our awareness, our works, our character.

Especially the pictures on this homepage are adding to its uniqueness and I want to give credits to those, who allowed me to use their works. Please respect the copyrights on their photos.



We met in Sweden, in the middle of the forests. Yannic and Susann were reporting for Urnatur, me working on the Komorebi project.
Thanks to this encounter, my homepage can show such beautiful images. Mostly all Komorebi pictures are taken by these 2 creative souls from Berlin and are under their copyright.

Both keep influencing me with their stunning colors and themes. 


To share some of the summer days of Ulrika and Håkan, the founders of Urnatur, most magical place on earth in the middle of Sweden, had a huge impact on my life. Their rhythm in accordance with nature impressed me so much.
See the pictures of the Komorebi project in my portfolio and enjoy the light and the atmosphere of the place, which made this project possible.


My longest connection with the writing world is with Ulmer Publishing in Stuttgart, Germany. Writing my first reports about Japan under Magda Storz, I am now happily contributing and exchanging with Edith Strupf, chief editor of "florieren!".
Writing is my second key to the world, I enjoy the flow of words as much as I enjoy the flow of flowers and colors. 


Kiyokazu Nakajima I met many years ago, when we started to produce the "European Flower Design Text" series in Japan. Since then, he is the man behind most of my photographs. And not only behind! He is the only cameraman I know with a flower designer's hand. He can rearrange floral works with a safe and stable viewpoint and technique! 


To write about her creations makes me happy! Such a beauty in her wallpapers!
Pernille Folcarelli as a brand is represented in Japan by me, and she owns of course the copyrights on all pictures I added to this page. Her work concept is so calm and relaxed, her prints on the walls make me feel like being in the study room of a botanist. 
Quoting her!