Pernille and the Green

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combining the fascination of nature with the immersion of a craft

This photo was the best I experienced today. A whole day full of office work behind me, a taifun battering against my windows, this was what I needed:

the refreshing sense of green and nature and a fairy right in the middle.

Oh, I need such a day, haha!
Did you know, that I am Pernille’s agent here in Japan? Big joy, big task, and the happiness of being surrounded by her beautiful prints every day!

As she posted today, that it is time to celebrate her 5th anniversary with her brand, I want to join into her campaign. 
As I am very glad to be able to show her beautiful works to Japan and also as a way to start my online store with her products, all prints I have here in stock, will be offered for the same 50% anniversary discount as she is announcing at her Danish store.

It is worth to celebrate the beauty she brings into our homes!
Here you go for the next 5 days:

Discount code is: „Pernille 5 years“

If you order from outside of Japan, please choose „pay after estimation“, I will add the sending costs later.
For Japanese customers, I will send by „chakubarai“, of course selecting the most affordable option. ⠀

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