Dividing into little color spots

My favorite design theme is COLORS. I am specializing my color coordinating on a technique I call "transferring the colors of a flower into a design". The concept I find inside a flower, does lead me to a beautiful arrangement. I totally believe in this. Because: how could the color combination of a flower not be beautiful? Right! It IS beautiful. So, the flowers themselves teach us the best combinations ever! Just have to see them. And that is, what I want to talk about on this blog.
Today, first, let’s see, how the colors in flowers are often added in little amounts, little dots: Find the Ranuculus!

See, how each color has only little size?
By dividing into little color spots, I am able to create a soft picture. The intensity of each color is lower, the colors blur into each other. I always call this the “Missoni Effect”!

I am teaching my color techniques through the whole year, be welcome to join in:

On the 5th of October, I will hold a lesson called RESONATING COLORS.
Be welcome!
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