at my home.


The light green is a Tanacetum, which will go to my field today and grow wild.

The zigzag dark green is a plant I found at the Ota market this week, it waits here for Gregor Lersch to arrive soon.

The olive green leaves are fern.
Fern on linen, printed by Pernille Folcarelli. They look like pressed real leaves, don't they? I mean, actually they are! Or they were!
Pernille with her amazing techniques renders fragile nature into longlasting botanical pictures for us, and I am so happy to see her works at my studio each day. Makes me feel like living in a botanical treasure chest!

Am I alone with this, or can somebody understand, that the part of todays composition, which I love most, are the print trails in the left low corner?



Gabriele KuboComment