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a dream

Yannic & Susann built their gardenhouse!

Isn't this the pure dream! "Voll der Traum" we would say in German.
Yannic & Susann, food photographers from Berlin, and great entrepreneurs, are creating their very own paradise out in nature. 

You might remember, that I met them in Sweden in 2017, and that both portraited the KOMOREBI project.
Since then, I am following them. They are my color inspiration source, at them I study the combination of dark tones with highlights into the composition.
Their pictures always totally touch me with their depth. A lot of dark forest green together with black and leaf green, and then that small contrast of a pale yellowish light, a superb combination! And don't forget that dash of golden brown!

a black green house! Love it!

a black green house! Love it!

Yannic & Susann work as Kraut|Kopf, please visit them and enjoy their stories like me!
One day, I would like to launch a party like them. 

Meanwhile: let's be...





elderflower, yes.

Thank you both for being such an inspiration to the world!




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