Yesterday, I received a beautiful thought:


Den Prozess des Wachsens kann man schwer wahrnehmen, wenn man selbst die Pflanze ist

The process of growing can hardly be recognized
if you are the plant yourself
— Ruth Bushart

That's so true, isn't it! So often, we do not perceive our own change, our own growth well enough. 
Good words like this remind me to stop for some minutes every day and to listen to that plant growing and stretching out inside of myself. And alone the idea of BEING a plant!
As florists, we have the great chance to watch growth every day right before our eyes, so let's get inspired today by flowers not only by their optical beauty, but also by the aspect of the beauty, which lays in growth.


Wishing you the time to be your plant today!

Paeonia suffruticosa, blooming on my terrace right now