Akarenga 2017

an exhibition in Yokohama 

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In 2017, the date made the theme: 12/5.6., this just had to be Christmas.
At the Blumenschule, we teach 16 Christmas items, from candle arrangements to double wreathes, from handmade stars to modern line-ups. Again, the task for the instructors was to increase the impact of an item, to enlarge, to add.

Gorgeous pictures of the participants' workpieces can be seen at the Hana Ami Blumenschule homepage, for sure worth a look, all taken by Kiyokazu Nakajima.


In 2017, we saw more participants, more students and more visitors. Increasing the visitors number to 4500, we were all really happy! We hold school room lessons, which received great interest, and we finally created our first own video! Being in charge with the coordinating and directing was a challenge but also very much interesting for me!


My design item was a double hanging wreath

Hard handwork is asked for the double hanging Christmas wreathes! We teach them in our Intensive courses, and they are quite a speciality of mine. Now getting into fashion, they are actually a traditional theme. The origin of Advent wreathes ( that's what the "Christmas wreathes" are, they are decorated in the Advent season) lays in Hamburg, Germany, guess you all know the story, so

"the very first Advent wreath was a hanging wreath with 24 candles on it!"

But now we slipped into a lesson......
Anyway, they are my favorites, and I decided to work one out in a modern technique: winded out of "benitsuru", long nice dry vines.

The body got filled with pine cones in a reddish light brown, it also gave hold to some stems of Oncidium orchids.

A hanging wreath is always accentuated strongly by the lines running from the ceiling down to the ground.

I kept the golden yellow wool ropes hidden for the whole year, they were my main point for this wreath. Beeswax candles in  brown candle clips are also favorites, hope, that I can set them up soon in my shop. 
Adding a room situation is what I love: our little side table came with us, beautiful glass containers from Fidrio, generously lent by flore 21, orange candles and botanical curiosities added to the impression of a living room.
I like each part of it, but am especially content with the dry azalea trees filled with Oncidium. The reddish brown together with the dull yellow is just so tender!

The Christmas demonstration

We chose the evening hours for the demonstration, combined this time with a party, and therefore lined up a long table, where the arrangements were freshly made while the demonstration and were placed together with healthy fresh food ad momentum. Ms. Keiko Matsumura opened the party, which will probably be remembered as the party with

"all these Amaryllis hanging from the ceiling"!


The Christmas demonstration

A demonstration is only possible with good demonstrators and the Hana Ami Blumenschule has many of these! I was the glad presentator for the first half of the event and really have to say: I am proud of our Instructors! But see yourself, at the Hana Ami Blumenschule homepage or in the video, they are gorgeous!   

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The Hana Ami Blumenschule Instructors





5th and 6th of December 2017




Akarenga Soko


The next Hana Ami Blumenschule event will be again at the Akarenga Halls

2018/ 10/20.21. 

is the date.
Theme will be

"The Blumenschule goes NATURAL"


Be welcome!